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Help & FAQ

Q: I bought a vinyl record that comes with a card that says I can download it on MP3. But when I try to do that, it doesn’t work. How do I redeem my MP3’s?
A: Please report your problem to the Sony Music Entertainment Fan Rewards Program and someone will get back to you.

Q: How do I contact, respond to or connect with an artist?
A: Unfortunately we cannot provide direct contact information for any of our artists. We suggest you join the artist’s official fan club, if any. You also may try to contact artist’s management, which are sometimes listed on an official website.

Q: How can I sign up to receive newsletters and updates?
A: You can join the Legacy Recordings Newsletter here.

Q: How does Legacy use my user information?
A: As a part of the Sony Music Entertainment family, is an advocate of online privacy. We pride ourselves in making sure that your personal information remains private. Please feel free to review our privacy policy.

Q: Why don’t I see my favorite artist represented on the site?
A: Certain artists may not be on the Legacy Recordings site for a variety of reasons. For example, only artists that are or were at one time signed to a Sony Music Entertainment affiliated label are featured on You may want check to make sure that the artist you’re looking for is or was a Sony recording artist. Also, there may be a chance that the artist you’re looking for is no longer associated with Sony, even though there may have been a prior relationship. We continue to update the Artists section.

Q: How can I purchase a release that is no longer in print?
A: Occasionally, some titles may be removed from production, and are therefore out of print. We will, from time to time, make these products available on our website.

Q: How do I obtain the necessary rights to use an audio recording?
A: If you are interested in using the actual sound recording from a Sony Music Entertainment release, a good place to start is by contacting our licensing division. For commercial inquiries, please email [email protected]. For all other licensing inquiries, please email [email protected]. If you are interested in using a musical composition that is published or administered by our sister music publishing company, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, you should visit the Sony/ATV web site at where you will find a useful song search tool.

Q: How do I submit demos, music or lyrics to Sony Music?
A: Unfortunately, Sony labels do not currently accept unsolicited demos from the public. We currently only accept material from legal or business representatives known to us; we are not permitted to review any songs or accept any packages that are submitted otherwise. It is not our intention to hinder or frustrate the creative process. However, there are legal reasons for strict adherence to this policy on our part, which cannot be altered. However, please check back from time to time, as this policy may change at any point without notice.

Q: How do I get employment/internship information?
A: For employment opportunities with Legacy Recordings or Sony Music Entertainment, please visit and follow the link for “Careers.” A limited number of internships are also available per semester for college credit. For internships, also visit and follow the link for “Careers.”

Q: How do I obtain corporate information?
A: Legacy Recordings-specific information may be obtained at our About page. For information about Sony Music Entertainment please visit