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First Song Revealed From Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ 10th Anniversary Edition Coming May 12

The Writing of Fragments of Time 



After announcing on February 22 the expanded anniversary edition of their iconic last album Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition (to be released May 12th), Daft Punk is now dropping the first song from this upcoming release: The Writing of Fragments of Time

With Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition (which includes 35 minutes of unreleased music across 9 tracks), Daft Punk pulls the curtain back to reveal some intimate moments of the creative process from the making of the celebrated 2013 pivotal album.

The lyrics for Fragments of Time were written and recorded with longtime Daft Punk friend and collaborator Todd Edwards (who first worked with the band on Face To Face from their Discovery album in 2001). At the legendary Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles on February 29, 2012 a tape ran for the full session, capturing the entire creative journey behind the making of the track and we hear some of these intimate moments of creation between Thomas Bangalter and Todd Edwards in The Writing of Fragments of Time. 

Upon its release in 2013 the original track, Fragments of Time, captured an element of the origins of the collaboration with the story of how Todd Edwards went to California to record with Daft Punk ( Ten years later The Writing of Fragments of Time goes deeper in showcasing the making of this beloved song and highlighting a moment of Daft Punk’s creative process like never before through human voices.

Edited for this anniversary edition by Daft Punk sound engineer Florian Lagatta, The Writing of Fragments of Time is a documentary track that nods back to the RAM album track Giorgio by Moroder, in which the iconic Giorgio Moroder discusses his own creative process and come up. This newest behind the scenes track glimpses the actual humans at work with all their doubts, excitement and first draft imperfections. 

The lyrics written that day were from the perspective of the collaborators’ future selves speculating how they would feel in the future as if remembering this specific creative moment thereby creating a narrative of future nostalgia. Listening to the lyrics ten years later along with the creative process behind them offers listeners the feeling of mirrored reflections in an infinity loop lending to an existential foresight as if creating a sonic time capsule.

And it’s crystal clear that I don’t ever want it to end

If I had my way, I would never leave

Keep building these random memories

Turning our days into melodies

But since I can’t stay

I’ll just keep playing back these fragments of time

Everywhere I go, these moments will shine  

This release comes with a video directed by Daft Punk art director Cédric Hervet.



This expanded edition will be available on May 12th in various formats: 

3 LPs, 2 CDs, streaming, and download. 


Give Life Back to Music

The Game of Love

Giorgio by Moroder


Instant Crush

Lose Yourself To Dance


Get Lucky



Fragments of Time

Doin’ it right


Horizon (Japan CD)

GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)

Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)

GL (Early Take)

Prime (2012 Unfinished)

LYTD (Vocoder Tests)

The Writing of Fragments Of Time

Touch (2021 Epilogue)


Daft Punk

Photos by David Black © Daft Life Ltd