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Miles Davis Previously Unreleased Track ‘What It Is (Live In Montreal)’ Now Available Digitally

Second Previously Unreleased Track, “What It Is” (Live In Montreal – July 7, 1983) 
From Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg
Series Vol. 7 Available Now 


A second previously unreleased track, “What It Is (Live In Montreal – July 7, 1983),” from the next edition of the celebrated Miles Davis Bootleg Series, Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7, is available now on all DSPs.  

Listen to “What It Is (Live In Montreal – July 7, 1983)” HERE and read more via WBGO Radio HERE  

 “What It Is (Live In Montreal – July 7, 1983),” a live track is from the full performance included in the set that was captured during that year’s Montreal Jazz Festival. It features one of Miles Davis’ final great bands: John Scofield on guitar, Bill “The Other Bill Evans” Evans on saxophones, flute and electric piano, Darryl Jones on bass, Al Foster on drums, and percussionist Mino Cinelu. Miles was back in amazing form (“incandescent and iridescent as ever,” critic Greg Tate noted), when he mounted the stage at the Theatre St-Denis and this revelatory performance has been lovingly mixed and mastered for its first ever release. This track was so well thought of by Miles that he utilized it for his 1984 release Decoy, but in heavily edited form and this release would mark the first time the complete recording is available, and the entire performance has been mixed in spatial audio.

Another previously unreleased track from the 3CD set, a cover of Tina Turner’s, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” from the studio sessions was released last month and is available on all DSPs. Listen HERE

Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 on Friday, September 16. Available as a 3CD set and in hi-res digital audio, the latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy’s acclaimed Miles Davis Bootleg Series shines a fresh light on an underrated period of the musician’s restless career-spanning quest for sublime and transcendent sounds. Also available for pre-order is a 2LP release that collects highlights of the studio material pressed on white vinyl and all formats may be pre-ordered HERE

The 3CD set includes two discs of previously unreleased studio material–from the Star PeopleDecoy and You’re Under Arrest sessions–and a third disc showcasing Miles Davis Live in Montreal on July 7, 1983; the collection comes in a slipcase with individual album mini-jackets and a booklet featuring liner notes by Marcus J. Moore and revelatory new interviews with Miles’ 80’s players including Vince Wilburn, Jr. (drummer and bandmate), John Scofield (electric guitarist), Darryl Jones (bassist), Marcus Miller (bassist) and Mike Stern (guitarist). 

Eight of the ten tracks on CD 1 of Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 are unreleased studio tracks from the sessions that resulted in 1983’s Star People

The second CD of Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 contains unreleased studio recordings from the sessions that gave us 1985’s You’re Under Arrest

Disc 3 of Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 features Miles Davis Live at the Theatre St. Denis in Montreal, Canada on July 7, 1983. The set was released for the first time as a 2LP 12″ vinyl title, Miles Davis – What It Is: Montreal 7/7/83, for Record Store Day 2022. The title is still available from the Miles Davis Store, please visit HERE

Miles Davis – That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol. 7

Disc 1 (Star PeopleDecoy sessions)
1. Santana
2. Minor Ninths, Part 1 
3. Minor Ninths, Part 2
4. Celestial Blues, Part 1
5. Celestial Blues, Part 2 
6. Celestial Blues, Part 3 
7. Remake of OBX Ballad
8. Remake of OBX Ballad Sessions
9. Freaky Deaky, Part 1
10. Freaky Deaky, Part 2

Disc 2 (You’re Under Arrest sessions)
1. Time After Time (alternate)
2. Time After Time (full session)
3. Theme From Jack Johnson (Right Off) / Intro
4. Never Loved Like This (studio session demo)
5. Hopscotch (slow)
6. Hopscotch (fast) 
7. What’s Love Got To Do With It
8. Human Nature (alternate)
9. Katia (full session)

1. Speak (That’s What Happened)
2. Star People
3. What It Is 
4. It Gets Better
5. Hopscotch
6. Star On Cicely
7. Jean-Pierre
8. Code 3
9. Creepin’ In