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Billie Holiday – Keeping Time: The Photographs of Don Hunstein

Billie Holiday‘s voice brought endless subtleties to every line: a teasingly seductive swing, ever-improvisational melodic turns and a tone that could be sultry or wounded, kittenish or caustic. Her signature songs like “God Bless the Child,” “Lover Man,” “Strange Fruit” and “Good Morning Heartache” brought singers the freedom of horn players, and reminded horn players that their lines could sing. Shown here recording her sensual “Lady In Satin” album in New York in December 1957, this intimate portrait is featured in a beautiful new book, newly published by Insight Editions, called KEEPING TIME: THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF DON HUNSTEIN: INSIDE THE UNSEEN ARCHIVE OF COLUMBIA RECORDS. Click here to order your copy now: KeepingTime