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Johnny Cash – Keeping Time: The Photographs of Don Hunstein

The gravitas of Johnny Cash‘s baritone was the sound of American-music integrity. His decades of recording led him from rockabilly through country to collaborations with Bob Dylan and U2 and to final meditations on mortality. Early on, he chose to become the Man in Black, performing in black clothes as a reminder, he sang, of “the poor and the beaten down, living in the hopeless, hungry side of town.” Cash is a featured part of a striking new book called KEEPING TIME: THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF DON HUNSTEIN: INSIDE THE UNSEEN ARCHIVE OF COLUMBIA RECORDS, newly published by Insight Editions. At this recording session in Nashville in October 1959, Hunstein found a family man, at home in the Southland, contemplating his first “concept” album, “Ride This Train.” Click here to order your copy now: