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Legacy Recordings Week in Music June 17 – June 23

This week in history we have Carole King as #1! Columbia Records introduced a new format! A birthday to a set of twins! And so much more!

Can’t see the video? Watch This Week In Music History: June 10 – June 16 on the Official Legacy Recordings YouTube page.

June 17 1971, Carole King goes to No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Tapestry’ for the first of 15 consecutive weeks.

June 18 1948, Columbia Records introduces the 33 ? -RPM long player. The old shellac 78 rpm, limited the playing time of a 12-inch record to less than five minutes per side. The new product was a 12 or 10-inch fine-grooved disc made of vinyl and played with a smaller-tipped “microgroove” stylus at a speed of 33? rpm. Each side of a 12-inch LP could play for more than 20 minutes.

Two fine musicians share a June 19 birthday born on this day in 1950, Ann Wilson, of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame band, Heart, and born on this day in 1970, Brian Welch, guitar, Korn. Happy Birthday to Ann and “Head!”

June 20 1924, Born on this day, Chet Atkins. Chet worked on over 100 albums during his career, and was a major influence on George Harrison and Mark Knopfler among others. Chet received 14 Grammy Awards as well as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, nine Country Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year awards, was inducted into both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

June 21 1950, Born on this day, Joey Kramer, drums, Aerosmith. Joey also has his own coffee business, so we raise our cups in unsteady hands and salute you on this day Joey!

June 22 1956, Elvis Presley played the first of a three-day run at the Paramount Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, playing a total of 10 shows. The stage manager was told; “Pull all white lights. Presley works all in color, Presley act has no encore. When he leaves the stage, immediately close curtains. Also be sure to lower mic at center, for Presley uses portable mic only.”

June 23 2004, An honorary degree by the University of St. Andrews, Scotland’s oldest University, was awarded to Bob Dylan, and he was made a “Doctor of Music.” Way to go Doctor Bob!