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SHUGGIE OTIS: Forty Years Later, Ready to Begin by Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal released an article on Shuggie Otis titled “ target=”_blank”>Forty Years Later, Ready to Begin” as written by Robert P. Walzer. To read the full story, visit

Excerpt from the post:

Shuggie Otis’s shot at redemption is a long time coming.

The guitarist, singer, songwriter and son of famed bandleader Johnny Otis isn’t a household name, though at various points in the past 40 years it seemed he was on the cusp of being one—only to slip through the cracks of the music industry, and then out of it altogether. Still, among a devoted legion of fans he is a cult icon thanks to his virtuosity and the self-styled strain of R&B he developed in the early 1970s.

He’s mostly been living a low-key existence and doing various menial jobs since then. “I was in a rut for awhile there,” Mr. Otis said recently.

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