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The Essential Incubus 2-CD Collection Spans the Band’s Entire Career at EPIC/IMMORTAL RECORDS, 1997 to 2011


Available everywhere October 30, 2012, through Epic/Legacy

Spanning the band’s entire major label career at the Epic/Immortal Records label from 1997 to 2011, THE ESSENTIAL INCUBUS double-CD will be available everywhere October 30th through Epic/Immortal/Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

The Essential Incubus 2-CD Collection Spans the Band’s Entire Career at EPIC/IMMORTAL RECORDS, 1997 to 2011

The collection brings together all of their Billboard Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock chart hits from all six of their studio album recordings for Epic/Immortal:

THE ESSENTIAL INCUBUS also includes selections from three of their EPs:

The set also revisits the Stealth movie soundtrack of 2005, which was dominated by four tracks from the band, one of which, “Make A Move,” does not appear on any other Incubus studio album or EP.

Adding to the impact of THE ESSENTIAL INCUBUS are liner notes written by veteran Detroit pop music journalist Gary Graff. Covering the Honda Civic Tour for, Graff recently caught up with the band – Brandon Boyd (lead vocals), Mike Einziger (lead guitar, piano, backing vocals), Chris Kilmore (keyboards, turntables), Ben Kenney (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Jose Pasillas II (drums).

Boyd discussed the future. “I have been tinkering around, potentially, with a second solo record,” Boyd said. “That’s probably the most likely scenario. But as far as Incubus right now, we’ll probably take another break. Hopefully it won’t be as long [as the five-year wait for If Not Now, When?]” For the full story go to:

THE ESSENTIAL INCUBUS, with 23 of its 28 tracks drawn from the band’s Epic/Immortal album catalog, is distinguished from the double-CD compilation of 2009, Monuments & Melodies. That compilation comprised one CD of 15 tracks drawn from their album catalog, and a second CD of 11 non-album tracks, single B-sides, and rarities. Two songs were newly produced especially for the compilation, including “Black Heart Inertia,” reprised here on THE ESSENTIAL INCUBUS.

THE ESSENTIAL INCUBUS follows Legacy’s August 14, 2012 release of Incubus HQ Live, three separate multi-disc packages that chronicle the band’s unprecedented project from 2011. They turned a Los Angeles storefront space into a low-key, hi-tech residency that resulted in six nights of free performances and fan encounters that served to introduce their album If Not Now, When? (released July 12, 2011). Each night was a different mix of songs, cross sections of music from their albums and EPs, climaxing with night six’s presentation of four songs from If Not Now, When? The three packages comprised:

The August 14th release date of Incubus HQ Live coincided with the opening of the 4-week, 18-city 2012 Honda Civic Tour, which kicked off in Boston, and wrapped up in San Diego on September 10th.

(Epic/Legacy 88725 43941 2)

The Essential Incubus 2-CD Collection Spans the Band’s Entire Career at EPIC/IMMORTAL RECORDS, 1997 to 2011

CD One – Selections: 1. Version (A) • 2. A Certain Shade Of Green (B) • 3. Redefine (B) • 4. New Skin (B) • 5. Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) (B) • 6. Pardon Me (C) • 7. Stellar (C) • 8. Drive (C) • 9. Crowded Elevator (D) • 10. Wish You Were Here (E) • 11. Nice To Know You (E) • 12. Warning (E) • 13. Are You In? (E) • 14. Circles (E).

CD Two – Selections: 1. Megalomaniac (F) • 2. Talk Shows On Mute (F) • 3. Agoraphobia (F) • 4. Monuments And Melodies (F) • 5. Pantomime (G) • 6. Make A Move (H) • 7. Anna Molly (I) • 8. Dig (I) • 9. Oil And Water (I) • 10. Love Hurts (I) • 11. Black Heart Inertia (J) • 12. Adolescents (K) • 13. Promises, Promises (K) • 14. In The Company Of Wolves (K).

Epic/Immortal Album and EP index:
A – from EP, Enjoy Incubus (EK 67900, released 1/7/97)
B – from album, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (EK 67972, released 9/9/97)
C – from album, Make Yourself album (EK 63652, released 10/26/99)
D – from EP, When Incubus Attacks (EK 61395, released 8/23/00)
E – from album, Morning View album (EK 85227, released 10/23/01)
F – from album, A Crow Left Of The Murder… album (EK 90890, released 2/3/04)
G – from DVD+EP, Alive At Red Rocks (EK 93611, released 11/29/04)
H – from soundtrack album, Stealth (EKL 94475, released 7/12/05)
I – from album, Light Grenades (82876 83852 2, released 11/17/06)
J – from album, Monuments & Melodies (88697 45317 2, released 6/16/09)
K – from album, If Not Now, When? (88697 74653 2, released 7/12/11)