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Pearl Jam 25th Anniversary Of ‘Yield’ Celebrated With Spatial Audio Mix & 2LP Vinyl

Pearl Jam and Legacy Recordings Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Yield with New Spatial Audio Mix of Album Available Today (Friday, February 24)

Vinyl Me, Please and Pearl Jam’s 10 Club Offering Fans Exclusive Yield 25th Anniversary Deluxe 2LP Edition

Long Coveted Pearl Jam Rarity, Give Way Finally Receives First Official Worldwide Release on Record Store Day 2023 (Saturday, April 22)

Pearl Jam and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band’s monumental fifth studio collection, Yield, with a variety of release events kicking off with a new spatial audio mix of the album available today.

The spatial audio release of Yield was produced and mixed by Josh Evans and Nick Rives, who previously collaborated on all of Pearl Jam’s previous spatial audio releases.  Evans–who began working with the band as an assistant engineer and tech during the making of the eponymous Pearl Jam (aka the “Avocado” album) in 2006–produced 2020’s Gigaton, the first new Pearl Jam studio album in seven years.

Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) and Pearl Jam’s Ten Club are excited to release the deluxe 25th anniversary vinyl reissue of Yield, an album masterpiece that gave further realization to what Cameron Crowe called, “the flipside of the classic rock tale.” The 25th anniversary edition of Yield is pressed on 2LPs for the very first time on 180g translucent red & black hi-melt vinyl in a double gatefold, direct-to-board and die cut jacket.  Pre-orders available HERE

The deluxe 25th anniversary 12″ vinyl edition of Yield will be the inaugural pressing at the 14,000-sq.-ft., audiophile-grade VMP pressing plant in Denver, Colorado. The plant is being built to produce the finest quality records ever made under the direction of legendary record-maker Gary Salstrom, formerly of Quality Record Pressing (QRP). VMP – the global vinyl club and online record store – is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023. This exclusive partnership with Pearl Jam’s Ten Club and the opening of their new pressing plant are cornerstone events in VMP’s year-long 10th anniversary commemoration.

“Since buying my first two Pearl Jam CDs–Ten and No Code— at the local Hastings Bookstore in Laramie, Wyoming as a teenager, I’ve been endlessly enamored with what I consider the greatest rock band of my lifetime. To get to play even a small part in honoring their legacy through the reissue of their fifth album Yield is an absolute highlight of my career. I’m hopeful our attention to detail and passion for the band carries through to the product and delights superfans and newcomers alike,” said Cameron Schaefer, CEO, VMP.

Originally released by Epic Records on February 3, 1998, Yield found Pearl Jam collaborating again with producer Brendan O’Brien to reach new peaks in sound and vision. The band was adjusting to the pressures and surprises of global superstardom since rocketing into the mainstream with their 1991 debut, Ten. With Yield, Pearl Jam was firing on all cylinders, reconnecting with the chemistry, camaraderie and commitment to rock and its fans that made them great in the first place.

As part of the ongoing celebration of Yield-era Pearl Jam, videos lensed contemporaneously to the album are now available online in high definition. These include “Given To Fly” and “Do The Evolution,” two rehearsal clips from “Single Video Theory,” a music documentary, directed by Mark Pellington, chronicling the making of Yield. Shot on 16mm film over the course of three days in downtown Seattle in November 1997, “Single Video Theory” was released on VHS and DVD in 1998.  The full-length “Single Video Theory” will be available in a newly up-rezzed high-definition edition.

“Given To Fly” (Rehearsal – Single Video Theory)” Video – Watch Here

“Do The Evolution” (Rehearsal – Single Video Theory) Video –Watch Here

In commemoration of Yield‘s 25th anniversary year, Give Way, a long sought-after holy grail of Pearl Jam rarities, will be released for the first time ever on vinyl and the first time officially on CD on Record Store Day 2023 (Saturday, April 22). Recorded during Pearl Jam’s Melbourne Park show (one of last PJ concerts to feature drummer Jack Irons) on March 5,1998 (during the Australian tour in support of Yield), Give Way was originally slated for release as a promotional CD to be included with the purchase of “Single Video Theory” in 1998; while that promotional CD never saw the light of day, an extremely limited number of highly collectible copies have surfaced over the years. The seventeen track album–including live versions of “Given To Fly,” “Faithfull,” and “Do The Evolution”–is finally available as an official CD and a 2LP gatefold on black vinyl. The title, Give Way, is a nod to the Australian counterpart to the United States Yield sign.

Pearl Jam 25th Anniversary Of ‘Yield’ Celebrated With Spatial Audio Mix & 2LP Vinyl

Pearl Jam – Give Way

track listing

1. Release

2. Brain of J.

3. Animal

4. Faithfull

5. In My Tree

6. I Got ID

7. Corduroy

8. Even Flow

9. Spin the Black Circle

10. Given to Fly

11. Hail, Hail

12. MFC

13. State of Love and Trust

14. Do the Evolution

15. Alive

16. Black

17. Immortality

Pearl Jam – Yield

2LP 12″ vinyl track listing

Side A

Brain of J.


No Way                               

Side B

Given to Fly                     



Side C

Do the Evolution             

Red Bar                               


Low Light                           

Side D

In Hiding                            

Push Me, Pull Me             

All Those Yesterdays