Susan Joins Forces with Save the Children to Release ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ feat Elvis Presley


Yesterday, after weeks of military style planning and the best kept secret ever, we announced that Susan Boyle has joined forces with Save the Children and her debut single ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ with Elvis Presley is being released on Sunday 8th December 2013 worldwide. It was an eventful 24 hours before the announcement with every contingency plan put into place as we battled against the ever increasing threat of the “worst storm for 20 years”. As the weather reports grew, we swapped Susan from plane to overnight train. She had a performance in Glasgow on Sunday night and had to make the last train or else she would have been stranded in Scotland and little hope of making it down in time for the announcement. With minutes to spare Susan in her beautiful gown with Lorraine holding the long dress ran down the platform to the carriage. Safely on the train, they made it into Euston station just as they closed Euston because of the storms. After a quick nap and an outfit change Susan was ready to go and arrived at Sony for her first ever press conference. The theme was winter wonderland and it really was decorated beautifully. As guests arrived they had to weave their way through a forest of snow covered trees, past Ned the St Bernard dog to the boardroom which had been transformed into a stunning white room, with sofa’s and white Christmas trees, all beautifully uplit. Mulled wine, champagne and delicious christmas canapés were served whilst they awaited for the arrival of our 3 VIP’s. Susan Boyle, Paul O Grady and CEO of Save the Children Justin Forsyth arrived and immediately sprung into action announcing that not only was Susan a new ambassador for Save the Children but she was donating 100% of the profits from her single to support the charity. Simon Cowell sent over night a filmed message of support and then the much anticipated first play of the music video that she had filmed in Scotland just 8 days before with children from a school in Glasgow who were involved in the inspirational FAST programme that brings families and education together. The event was a phenomenal success as you will have seen through all the wonderful press coverage and Susan thoroughly enjoyed her first press conference and can’t wait for the next one…... Hopefully without the storms and emergency back up plans!

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