MTV's 'Awkward' Shows Mad Love For 'Crossroads'


It's obvi that MTV loves themselves some Britney, but THIS is everything. While tuning into one of my favorite shows of the moment on Tuesday night, I caught a rare shout-out to one of the best movies in the history of ever, Crossroads , starring the one and only Britney Spears. MTV teen comedy series Awkward has made their main character, Jenna Hamilton, a may-jor Britney Spears fan with the epic quote, " Crossroads is an under-appreciated gem." Truer words were never spoken, y'all. Give it a watch HERE at the 0:30-1:15 mark, and catch Awkward Tuesday nights at 10/9c on MTV! Must be something in the air (SUMMERTIME?), because that's the second Crossroads mention in the span of a week, and that movie is, like, 12 years old! (First mention was during a recent, must-watch interview with Crossroads costar with Taryn Manning .) Just goes to show that Britney Spears is nothing short of timeless. xx read more

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