Listen To 'Work Bitch' Now + Buy On iTunes Tonight


Go call the guv-ah-nuh! Watch out now, 'cause here it comes... click below to TAKE A LISTEN to Britney's new single, "Work Bitch." Day of rest, what? A bit of "Work Bitch" leakage happened this morning, so the Holy Spearit said, "F*** it. It's Sunday. Clearly Godney's not getting a nap today, so here you hungry little stans go. Chew on this, and sit tight until my surprise on Tuesday ." And we were blessed. OK, she probably didn't say that, and she probably doesn't refer to herself in third person unless the word "bitch" is involved. This is what she really said : "Woke up today and saw that a low quality version of Work Bitch had leaked The radio #WORKBxxCHPremiere is now happening TODAY at 3pm ET- tune in to your local station, iHeartRadio,or to hear the REAL THING!, Otto Knows, and I worked SOOO hard on this song! Can't wait for you all to hear it like you're supposed to... #WORKBxxCHPremiere" read more

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