I Dreamed A Dream: Top 4 Albums of all time on Amazon!


This week marks a wonderful milestone in Susan’s career as her debut album ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ has been named the 4th biggest selling album of all time on Amazon! When the album was released in the winter of 2009 Susan was moved by the overwhelming support for the record from her loyal following of fans across the world. It’s now four years on from the amazing reception to her debut album and Susan is currently hard at work in the studio recording brand new music as well as preparing for her upcoming live concert tour of Scotland. Susan took a few moments break from rehearsal to give the below message to all her fans for their support in reaction to the news. “I’m so honoured by the wonderful news about my debut album being one of Amazon’s top four biggest selling albums of all time. Such fantastic news. It is an album that will always be so very close to my heart as it changed my life in many wonderful ways and gave me so many opportunities. I hope you will all enjoy my 5th album just as much” Enjoy the magic of Susan’s debut album ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ all over again.  Click Here

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