Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!!! . Altered Images - Happy...

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!!! .  Altered Images - Happy Birthday . TOTP 1981 80 years ago today, Country Music legend Willie Nelson was born in Texas USA. Since that day, he has created over sixty studio albums, 10 live albums almost 40 compilations, as well as acting in both TV and Film and has co-authored many books along with his own autobiography. Through the years, Willie has brought us some outstanding music, and has become synonymous with Country Music during the Twentieth Century. Please join us in wishing him a Happy Birthday, and fingers crossed he’ll still be recording in the years to come. For Willie’s birthday treat, we have Altered Images’ rendition of Happy Birthday . A somewhat obscure version of the classic song, but brilliant nonetheless. If you’re lucky enough to share this special day with Willie, then Happy Birthday to you to from all of us here at Legacy. BB

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