Exclusive: Natalia Barulich Talks Being Whipped By Britney In 'Work Bitch'


What on earth is it like to be dominated by THE Miss Britney Spears? Naturally, one can only assume it would be absolutely delightful, but to be sure, I turned to an expert on the subject — the lovely Natalia Barulich, who was cast as the "whippee" in Britney's "Work Bitch" video . The model/actress was extremely candid in her answers, and it's safe to say she's a major Britney stan, too. Was this your first time working with Britney Spears? Natalia: Yes! This was my first time, and I was so unbelievably excited because I have been a huge fan of Britney ever since her first album. Her career has always been a big inspiration to me as I am a singer/performer myself. How exciting! What was the audition process like for the "Work Bitch" video? The audition was definitely interesting. The casting director had us come in wearing lingerie and play out two different scenes. In the first scene, we were playing very upscale model types who swoon over Britney. The second was the part I booked, crawling on all fours and being whipped by Britney seductively. Guess I did that well! read more

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