Director Ben Mor Answers The Britney Army's Burning 'Work Bitch' Questions


"Work Bitch" video director Ben Mor was sweet enough to answer your burning questions about Britney's latest music video! Check out a few of my favorite snippets from the interview below and head over to for the full interview, where Ben discusses the video's hidden message, all the whipping and those sharks . @Doctor_Ignatius : Is there anything you wish you could have done for the video that you couldn't? There is always more that I wish to do. I always have more ideas than time to film them. That being said I can't complain as Britney was a super trooper and busted her ass for 3 long days and I couldn't be happier... @Britmille64 : What do the exploding mannequins represent? ...I'm horrible at keeping my opinion to myself so for me the mannequins can represent Fake Plastic People that are just 'blindly' following the herd and whichever trend is hot at the moment. The opposite of free thinking individuals. Which is why they were all identical and also why they were all 'blindfolded.' read more

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