David Cook on his 'Idol' return and why the '80s rocked


Teaser AND Body of Full Post Picture David Cook on his 'Idol' return and why the '80s rocked By Jake Perlman for EW | Photo: Lauren Dukoff It was a blast from the past in many ways Wednesday night on American Idol. Season 7 winner David Cook returned to mentor the top 8 finalists on ‘80s night, a theme the rocker absolutely crushed during his season with “Hello” by Lionel Richie and later “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Cook brought a needed new perspective for the contestants on how to perform on live television and what it’s like to be going through the crazy process. EW caught up with Cook on the phone after the performances to ask what it was like to be back at Idol. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First, I’ll fan girl myself out of the way – I was a big fan of yours on the show. Great seeing you last night. I love your new look with the glasses and slicked back hair. DAVID COOK: Thank you, I was trying to look studious. Not sure if it worked though! What was it like coming back as a mentor? Oddly less stressful, I enjoyed coming out and not worrying if my voice was going to crack and all that stuff. I was unsure going in what the vibe was going to be like, the contestants’ vibes can be a little different. But the contestants this year were great, they were very open to learning. No one was set in their ways, which was great. I did my work going in and the thing that I noticed is that they all have all the tools, but maybe just don’t know how to use them all. It made my job really easy, I have to say. Fox and Idol both made me look pretty good. --| CLICK HERE to read full interview! |-- read more

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