David Cook, no longer an 'Idol,' doesn't want to be idle


Teaser AND Body of Full Post Picture By John J. Moser, of The Morning Call David Cook, winner of the seventh season of "American Idol" in 2008, is the first to admit times have changed since the heady days after his win, when he played international arenas on the "Idol" tour, then in front of more than 4,000 people at Bethlehem's Musikfest on his first solo tour. For one, he's calling from a warehouse in Nashville, counting his own tour merchandise inventory. For another, he's about to set out on a tour without a new album to support, playing venues with capacities in the hundreds, such as Musikfest Café , where he stops Oct. 24. "Ahh, yeah," he says with a laugh. "There's definitely a learning curve to it. I think going from fighting bars to get your 30 percent cut of the door, nobody showing up, just trying to get gas money to get home, to playing arenas during the 'Idol' tour and traveling overseas and that stuff, there's a learning curve to it." Cook says he would "like to think I've gotten a little more comfortable in my own skin." And he says he's at the point now where he can take more chances with his music, which he plans to do on an album he hopes to release next year. The new songs are "really just different in how we attacked it — just how I really attacked the creative process," Cook says. "I think with the last two records, I really tried to put an identity down on CD or whatever the medium was, but I didn't try to strike an identity with this new stuff. "It was more about enjoying the creative process, going down whatever avenues became available — whether it was trying some more synth stuff or playing around with loopings and beats and stuff like that, and really changing how I write about things. And trying to tackle new subject matter in songs. "I thing the end result is these songs, there's a cohesion in them given that they all inherently sound like me, but I also think that they're all over the place as far as the vibes and what they're talking about and stuff. So I think this next record should have something for everybody." --| CLICK HERE to read full article/interview! |-- read more

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