LATEST NEWS Facebook Page Hits 1M Likes!


The Facebook page hit ONE MILLION Likes over the weekend! I launched that li'l page back in 2009 when Circus was still going strong in order to better bring the Britney Army Britney Spears news, updates and sweet nothings. Guess it's been a platinum hit with the fans, 'cause when I saw it had surpassed the 1M milestone on Saturday, I practically cried tears of joy into my nonfat vanilla latte — and it's all thanks to YOU, the Britney Army. And, of course, the one and only Britney Spears, who makes for such a flawless subject. xx♥ -Britannica You want a million Facebook Likes? Like on Facebook now! Huge THANKS to the #BritneyArmy for helping the Facebook page hit ONE MILLION Likes!!! read more

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