Britney Breaks Down 'Britney Jean' Track-By-Track


Britney hosted a hugely successful Britney Jean Listening Party today on Twitter , where she gave us some insight into every single song on Britney Jean ! I've been waiting for this, as I was dying to know Britney's thoughts on each of her tracks, especially my own personal favorites like "Til It's Gone," "Don't Cry" and "Passenger." She replied to fans and had the below to say about each track (via @BritneySpears ): Alien: Starting with Alien. Loved working on this track with the very talented @WilliamOrbit! Song deals with loneliness and how you can be surrounded at all times by friends, family and adoring fans who you love and still feel alone. Sometimes I need to remind myself that i'm #NotAlone Work Bitch: Here comes the smasher!! You betta #WorkBitch!! Confession: I do not have a Bugatti… yet Perfume: #Perfume is really just about relationship insecurities & feeling insecure about the person you care for the most. So much love to @sia for helping create such an amazing song!! Xo read more

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