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Michael Grimm

A guitarist/vocalist with a bent toward bluesy Southern soul, Michael Grimm is best known as the winner of the 2010 season of NBC's [muzeItalic]America's Got Talent[/muzeItalic]. Raised by his grandparents in Waveland, Mississippi, Grimm became interested in music while attending the Baptist church, where his grandmother played the piano.

Subsequently, Grimm grew up on a steady diet of church hymns and country music, and by his teens he was writing and performing his own music. Eventually, Grimm relocated to Las Vegas and became a fixture on the bar and club circuit, where his Southern soul and rock sound developed a following.

Grimm released two independent albums before auditioning and earning his spot on [muzeItalic]America's Got Talent[/muzeItalic] in early 2010. It was Grimm's performance of "When a Man Loves a Woman" on September 14th that helped take him over the top on the NBC singing competition.

After winning [muzeItalic]AGT[/muzeItalic], Grimm released his third solo effort, Leave Your Hat On, and signed with Epic Records. Grimm's self-titled major-label debut, featuring production by Don Was, was released in May of 2011.

~ Matt Collar.

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1990s, 2000s, 2010s


Pop/Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul, Blues, Modern Electric Blues, R&B, Soul
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