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Duncan Sheik

Alternative singer/songwriter Duncan Sheik premiered in mid-1996 when Atlantic released his self-titled debut album. With an appearance on the soundtrack to the TV hit ER, Sheik became somewhat well known in alternative circles.

Born in 1970, Duncan Sheik grew up in South Carolina but spent many of his early years living with his grandparents in New Jersey. Inspired to play the piano while there, he later moved to electric guitar and performed in bands throughout high school.

While studying at Brown University, he played with Lisa Loeb, but began shopping his own demo tape around soon after graduation. Later, he appeared with His Boy Elroy on a 1993 album for Epic, and spent several years writing songs before he signed a solo deal with Atlantic.

With Rupert Hine in the producer's chair, Sheik recorded his debut album and released it in June 1996. By the end of the year, "Barely Breathing" had become a modest hit, and he resurfaced in 1998 with Humming.

For Phantom Moon, Sheik paired up with dramatist/poet Steve Sater. This particular record, which appeared in early 2001, showcased a more orchestral construction from Sheik.

The next year, Sheik continued with this experimental orchestrations -- but with his signature rock style -- for Daylight. He and Sater also prepared for the 2003 opening of their musical, Spring Awakening.

White Limousine was released in 2006. ~ John Bush.

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