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Court Yard Hounds

This Dixie Chicks spinoff featuring sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison performs country and folk material.

Three years after 2006’s Taking the Long Way, sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire were ready to cut a new Dixie Chicks album but Natalie Maines wasn’t prepared to participate, so the siblings struck out on their own as the duo Court Yard Hounds. Robison stepped into the role as frontwoman for the group, and the pair retained the service of much of the Dixie Chicks extended family -- including Maines’ father Lloyd as a guitars -- during the recording of their eponymous debut.

Given this pedigree, it follows that Court Yard Hounds sounds similar to Dixie Chicks’ far-reaching country-pop -- perhaps a little softer and sweeter due to the absence of Maines, but recognizably within the same family, and Robison winds up giving the group its own introspective identity. The Court Yard Hounds' first showcase was at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX in March of 2010 and their eponymous album appeared in early May 2010 on Open Wide/Columbia Records.

In addition to releasing their debut, Robison and Maguire reunited with Maines in the summer of 2010 as the Dixie Chicks opened for the Eagles on an American tour. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine.

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